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I get it.

Building out a marketing plan and learning about all of these different digital marketing strategies can be extremely overwhelming.

You are signing up for webinars, dropping your hard-earned cash on eCourses, purchasing eBooks, reading hundreds of blog posts, and trying to watch every Youtube video out there explaining how to market your business online.

But instead of developing an actionable plan to implement, you are left with overwhelm, frustration, confusion, and exhaustion.

What you need, is a course that gives you the step-by-step playbook for building out a solid marketing plan from start to finish.

Sure, you can learn tactics and strategies for growing your Pinterest account, gaining new followers on Instagram, and monetizing your audience (I sort of cringe when I hear that to be honest...). 

But what all of those courses are missing, is you know... the FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING AND HOW THINGS ARE CHANGING.

Actual goal setting. KPIs. SWOT analyses. Consumer personas. Industry and technological trends. Long-term growth.

If you want to build a thriving, long-lasting, profitable business, you need to start strategizing like a savvy marketer and put a solid, actionable plan in place.

Wait, don't you want to GROW your business?

You are putting WAY too much work into your business to go unnoticed. You have something unique to bring to the world, you just need to grab people's attention!

This email course will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a solid marketing plan.

It's time to get serious about growing your business.

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is a FREE 5-day comprehensive email course that will teach you step-by-step how to build a solid marketing plan that actually drives results.

The course includes 5 voice over presentations on the following topics...

Day 1: Mindset, Goals, KPIs - Find clarity and get into the right mindset as an entrepreneur, define your core marketing goals, and choose your KPIs to make sure that you are progressing.

Day 2: Market Analysis - Analyze your market, research your competitors, and define your unique value proposition that is going to set you apart.

Day 3: Consumer Insights - Research your target audience, build out consumer personas, and find where their attention is at.

Day 4: Strategy - Learn about the top marketing+industry trends of 2017, and how to use social media to effectively market your business.

Day 5: Make It Happen - How to avoid overwhelm and "burnout", and how to implement your marketing plan to stay on track with growth.

Additional downloadable worksheets will be included to supplement each lesson. These will actually give you a plan to put in place!



  • You are a side hustler, entrepreneur, or someone interested in turning an idea into a profitable business.

  • You are struggling with how to stand out in your niche or a highly saturated market.

  • You aren't seeing the leads you are hoping for, and you really have no clue who your "ideal consumer" is, or what audience you should be speaking to with your marketing. 

  • You know you should be leveraging social media for marketing your business, but you aren't quite sure how.

  • You are fed up with taking course after course and not learning anything that you can actually implement now, and that will build your brand for the long-term.

After you complete this course, you will have a FULL MARKETING PLAN, ready to implement.


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