The Rise of Video Marketing: Why and How You Should Leverage Video

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I want you to hop on any social media platform right now, and I swear that within three seconds of scrolling through your feed, you will see a piece of video content. And I’m not just talking about the video your friend posted. I’m talking about video marketing for a business.

And you know what?

You will probably watch the video. You will give away your attention for a moment or two.

Entrepreneurs and businesses are now focusing their efforts on video marketing because it is effective, being that people are actually paying attention to it.

Video marketing is an effective strategy because it humanizes your brand, lures in your audience through visualized storytelling, and requires more engagement and attention, compared to a simple image or line of text.

So why video marketing?

In 2016, video marketing started to gain popularity as a content marketing tactic. Brands began producing more and more video content, on their Youtube channels, across their social media accounts, and serving as native advertisements (aka “branded entertainment”).

Now in 2017, video is amplifying more than ever.

Here are a few reasons why.

1. Industry trends are pointing towards the rise of video marketing.

We used to consume video content through one medium.

Do you even remember what that was?

Cable TV. (wtf is that?)

Ah, remember when you actually sat in your living room, on a couch, and watched your favorite TV show on an actual television screen?

Now, you probably find yourself in bed, tucked into your sheets, with your laptop sitting on top of you, with one of your hands in a bowl of popcorn, the other holding onto your smartphone. If you’re really a video content junkie, you may even be watching someone's Snapchat video at the same time.

The point of this is not to inform you of your voracious, potentially unhealthy video consumption. It is to show you that the way you are viewing video content has shifted drastically over the past couple of years, and it is going to change continuously.



Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime are not cable TV’s only competitors anymore though. New entrants into the TV industry are social media platforms.

Youtube recently announced that they will be offering live television streaming from broadcast channels, as well as Youtube content. 

In February, Snap had announced that it would creating their own original series in collaboration with A+E Networks. The unscripted series titled, Second Chance, will be released in April.

And of course, you know Facebook had to get in on the social media platform turned TV provider trend. This past February, Mark Zuckerberg had laid out his vision for the future of Facebook. He mentioned that Facebook would still be focused on short-form video, as it differentiates Facebook from other video providers such as Netflix or Hulu.

However, the Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook is on the hunt for 30-minute video programming, which could help Facebook push their advertising market share even higher.

Social media platforms are leveraging the fact that consumer attention is shifting away from the traditional TV screen. People still love video content, but they are just engaging with it much differently.

2. Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.

I don’t know how many times I need to say this in order for businesses, marketers, entrepreneurs to understand this fact. Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop internet usage. People are spending more and more time on their mobile devices.


So why are you not optimizing and building your marketing strategy around the mobile experience?

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If you simply look around, everyone is staring down at their mobile device. Seriously. ANYWHERE you go, if they are not looking at their mobile phone or not taking a phone call, they have their phone right in their hand or in arm's reach.

The mobile experience allows us to consume and engage with content quickly and easily, while on-the-go.

Video content makes consuming media content extremely simple. Think about it. You don’t have to squint to read a 1200 word blog post on your mobile device. Instead, you can just watch someone talk about the same content. Again, easy to consume on-the-go.

(Tip: Repurpose your blog content by creating a simple video on the topic! You can be on camera, or just create a few slides and do a voiceover.)

3. Video marketing is more relatable and engaging.

Have you ever become friends with someone online, without even meeting in person?

Instead of engaging in a face-to-face conversation, you send messages back and forth, or perhaps do phone calls (people still do these right?). You follow them on social media, see pictures of what their daily life is like, and you feel like you actually know the person, right?

But then you meet them in-person. And everything changes. Either they turn out to be even cooler in person, ...or worse.

The difference is that face-to-face communication is very different than just reading texts or blog posts, or seeing images of someone’s life. With face-to-face communication, you pick up on their personality, their quirks, their vocal tone, their sense of humor, their overall presence.

I would argue that video is the closest type of content to real, human interaction. Video allows you to humanize your business, or even your personal brand. With video, you are able to showcase your unique value and identity that differentiates yourself from your competitors.

Just as how we are in the real world, our sheer presence is different from every other person. Video content gives the ability to leverage your identity (whether it's your personal brand or your business) and stand out.

So how exactly do you stand out when it seems like EVERYONE is now doing video?

Here a just a few ideas for leveraging video marketing to help grow your business and capture the attention of your ideal audience.

1. Start your own “TV show”.

People still love the idea of watching consecutive episodes of quality content. Sure the length, the format, and the content itself has shifted in the past few years, but people still like the “structure” of a TV show.

When I say “structure” I’m talking about consistency. You want to produce content that consistently is released either once every week, or perhaps even everyday. What’s most important is having an underlying theme that is present in every “episode”.

For example, Marie Forleo created “Marie TV” for her video marketing, where she creates a short “episode” around a question submitted by a member from her audience. Videos are released every Tuesday and the format is always consistent. Marie is sitting in a chair on set, reading the question off of her iPad, and with funny video snippets inserted between the episode. Oh, and her hair is always perfect!



Why this works: Marie Forleo's video marketing style is recognizable and is consistent with her brand. She actually engages with her audience by answering their questions, she injects her personality and humor in each video, and her viewers know that every Tuesday, a new episode is being released.

Could Video Boost Your Brand?

Download two FREE worksheets to help you strategize the style of video content you should leverage. Also learn how to formulate the perfect video content idea!

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2. Answer people’s questions live.

Not all of us may want to be consultants and work one-on-one with clients, and not all of us have the time to do so. But if you’re like me, and find yourself wanting to help everyone and help them solve their unique problems, how do you do so?

Enter the Q&A.

I’m pretty obsessed with Gary Vaynerchuk’s “The #AskGaryVee Show”. He literally calls people from his audience and answers the question they have for him. Not only does he carefully answer each question, he also offers advice that every viewer could take into consideration for their own business.


Why this works: Gary Vaynerchuk is able to connect with his audience on such a deep level, and his personality and edge always comes through. The #AskGaryVee show is not only extremely informative, but entertaining, thought provoking, and freaking motivating. (I often listen to it when I feel sluggish or stagnant midday...and boom. I’m ready to freaking hustle.)

Another thing to point out is that Gary repurposes the show to fit other social media platforms. He has a podcast version of the show, questions available on his website to search through, and will frequently post video snippets to his social media. Talk about maximizing video marketing, eh?

He’s the social media marketing legend. Let’s just leave it at that.

3. Behind-the-scenes video.

You do not need to have a perfect life in order to use video content in your marketing. You do not need to fake the success of your business to gain traction to your video marketing content.

Why? Because people connect to genuine stories and real people.

Someone that just records their fancy lifestyle of flying in a private jet, taking luxurious vacations, and dropping a couple grand on a pair of jeans is really not going to resonate with me. Sure, it may be cool to peek into someone else’s lavish lifestyle, but that really doesn’t connect with me on a deeper level that will have a lasting impact.

What I would be interested to see, would be the real life of an entrepreneur. What it actually takes to run a business. Sure it can be cool to see a few fancy dinner parties, or the actual product that a business sells, but I'm interested in the back story.

The actual work. The hustle. The process.

Behind-the-scenes could be about your life, your business, or even how your product is made. Be transparent with your consumers and give them an inside look into reality.

I guarantee you that people will appreciate it, and will be able to connect to your brand on a deeper level.

4. Integrate video into your emails.

Email marketing is probably one of the least disruptive forms of marketing. Yes, it may be annoying to get a sea of endless emails, but more often than not, you are receiving emails because you subscribed to some sort of list.

You showed interest in a particular piece of content, topic, service, or product, causing you to receive (hopefully) relevant emails.

People that are subscribed to your list are either leads for your business, or paying customers. They already have showed an interest in engaging with your brand, so why not utilize video to take engagement up a notch?

You can only connect with people so much in the written form. With video, you can get the content of your email across in a genuine, personal, more engaging way. Plus people won’t have to take the time read your email. They can simply watch your video, get the latest info, and hopefully engage back with you.

Bonus idea: Turn your sales funnel email sequence into a video sequence! You might get higher sales conversions ;)


5. Interview other people.

Newsflash. Video marketing content doesn’t have to be all about you and your business! The interview style video has worked for a long time and here are a few reasons why…

  • People love listening to stories.

“Storytelling” has turned into somewhat of a buzzword in the business world, but for a very good reason. We as humans, are naturally drawn to stories. They conjure feelings, they give us a storyline to follow, and they offer us the chance to visualize a series of events in our own heads.

By interviewing another person, you are uncovering part of their unique story. It gives your audience or your consumers a chance to connect on an emotional level with another person.

This isn’t to say that your audience is passively listening either.

Instead, your audience is able to “co-create” the story as they visualize the events in their heads. Since they are able to actually become part of the experience, your video content (and your interviewee) becomes much more memorable.

  • Bringing another person into your video content, allows another perspective and new ideas to form.

Interviews are not single sided. There is active participation and two-way communication between you as an interviewer, and your interviewee. You are essentially collaborating on the video content when you interview someone.

By engaging in a conversation with another person and documenting it through video, you are bringing a whole other perspective.

It’s no longer you just talking to a camera. It’s no longer about just selling your consumer on your business.

It’s about creating a relationship and formulating a new set of ideas and viewpoints to share with your audience.

  • Interviews allow you to form actual connections that could potentially help grow your business.

You can be a bit selfish with your video marketing strategy, that’s totally fine! If you interview someone that could potentially open up a new audience, give you visibility in a different niche, or extend your reach to a larger audience, GREAT!

Networking and forming solid connections with other entrepreneurs and business owners is extremely important in further growing your business.

We often times believe that content is the key to unlocking our next opportunity for success. However, the relationship you may form with someone else, could open up a new door of opportunity for you.

Final Remarks

Video marketing can put a human face to your brand or business. It can give your consumers something to emotionally connect with. Video can make your product or service much more meaningful and memorable overall.

But how do you know if video marketing would be an effective strategy for your brand specifically?

Could video actually help you gain the attention of your ideal consumer?

Would video differentiate your brand and make you stand out within your market?

Does video even drive conversions and sales? Or does it only boost visibility and awareness?

If some of those questions are now running through your mind, I’ve got you covered.

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Could Video Boost Your Brand?

Download two FREE worksheets to help you strategize the style of video content you should leverage.
Also learn how to formulate the perfect video content idea!

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Chelsea Spinos

Chelsea Spinos is a Marketing Strategist for Yahoo and a "side hustler"/ aspiring entrepreneur. Chelsea is committed to helping side hustlers like herself, grow their business and thrive in life. You can follow her entrepreneur journey through her social media!