Hi! I'm Chelsea, and I am a marketing strategist and "side hustler".

I am a Marketing Strategist at Yahoo by day, and an entrepreneur/"side hustler" by night (and every other hour that I am not working my day job). 

I am crazy ambitious, multi-passionate, addicted to the hustle, and I have an unceasing desire to change the world and people's lives.

Including yours.

What you can expect from me

I am here to help you grow your business through marketing strategies that are results-driven and consumer centric.

I believe that marketing should always focus on providing value to the consumer first and foremost. By giving consumers a reason to engage with your brand and a genuine desire to remain loyal, results and profitability will follow.

While I do provide 1-on-1 marketing services, marketing eCourses, and tons of free resources to help you develop your business, I also care about you as an individual.

I want you to start living the life you have always wanted. You deserve to live a life full of passion, happiness, and personal growth, despite any struggle, setback, or hurdle you may experience.

I believe that you can achieve anything, with passion, commitment, and the willingness to always take action. 


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"Short" snippet of my life struggle

Guess what? I wasn't always so pro-active with taking control of my life and turning all of my ambitions into my reality. Like most people, I went through dark phases of my life. I have endured many struggles and I most certainly was not dealt a perfect deck of cards. However, I hope that this short bit of my story can show you that no matter what your situation is, you have the power to start living your best life, now.

Now to where it all started (sort of)...

I have been a perfectionist my entire life. I have always strived to be the absolute best at everything I do and I am incredibly determined to succeed in every facet of my life. While this "all or nothing" mentality does help me accomplish many of my goals, it also amounts to highly set expectations that are often times impossible. I used to always place a high expectation on myself to be "perfect" and for a long time I believed that underperforming or struggling meant failure. This perfectionism and thirst for nothing but success ultimately fueled what I most sought for in life: control. I have always wanted to feel in control of my life and my happiness.

Throughout my years of high school, I felt as though my life and my future were completely out of my control. My father had lost his business during the recession of 2008, leaving my family buried in debt and flat out broke. We were living in a multi-million dollar home with a bank account reading zero. I felt that I was putting on a facade, living a lie, pretending to be financially secure, when in fact we were not at all. Since I didn't have control over the situation, I focused all of my energy on what I could control, which at the time was getting straight A's in school. When Senior year came around, I had received an admittance letter to my dream school, the University of San Diego. I believed that my life was finally going to be back in my control and that I would finally be happy again. 

But it didn't turn out as hoped. The day before move-in day, my father had told me that we could not afford it. I balled my eyes out for 10 minutes, then got my sh** together. I immediately started contacting professors at my local community college, despite classes being three weeks in. I was fortunate enough to crash all of my courses and I then attended community college for two years while living at home. 

My home life was absolutely miserable, to say the very least. The financial distress of our situation had fueled unceasing arguments between my parents and my home environment was extremely toxic. I became depressed, developed an eating disorder, an obsession with exercise, and I was just waiting until I could finally go off to attend a 4-year university.

That day finally came when I moved to Los Angeles and began attending the University of Southern California. For my apartment, I had purchased this (image), and I vowed to myself that I would never let any situation or circumstance inhibit my ability to live the life I have always wanted. 

I have appreciated the struggle and the pain I had to endure because it has completely shaped my character for the better. That is not to say that I am not still struggling. Yes, I have a job and a business. However, my family is technically homeless. We no longer have our home, and all of my family members are staying with friends (my brother is actually sleeping on my couch).

My life situation is still not ideal, but that does not mean that I am not working every single day to create a better reality and future for myself.

The point of sharing this is not for sympathy of any sort, and I certainly am aware that I am very fortunate compared to many. However, I want to be fully transparent with you.

I want to show you that struggle precedes success. 

I hope that you remain with me throughout my entrepreneurial journey, and I hope to be part of yours as well!

So how did I end up pursuing the side hustle life?

To be honest, I really did not think that I would end up in marketing and I definitely didn't think I would be so interested in technology. The big game changer for me was the summer after my Junior year of college. I landed an internship at Yahoo as a "Marketing Strategy Intern" and I was absolutely enamored by the the art and science of marketing. After that summer, I was fortunate to continue with Yahoo as a Marketing Strategist working in the Playa Vista office (where I am today!).

While I do love the secure revenue stream of a 9-5, I have always been about the "side hustle" life! I worked as a freelancer in social media management, a public relations and digital strategist for a stylish tech device called THE O, and more recently was an online fitness coach and blogger.

Going of off that last bit, fitness has been a HUGE passion of mine all throughout college. My world was centered around fitness and my identity was completely defined by my passion for it. So, this led me to believe that I should you know...follow my passion and start a side hustle!

I decided to start a blog around health and fitness, and actually gained over 1000 email subscribers in a matter of 5 days! I then decided to turn my fitness blog into a business and I began coaching clients online. I was gaining traction, generating tons of leads, and making money, but then something inside me changed. The fire inside of my heart and my passion for fitness was dimming and had completely vanished. I literally felt like I was going through an identity crisis!

But then I finally came to the realization that what I loved about blogging was actually not writing about fitness and health. What I discovered was a deep love for growing a side business and becoming an entrepreneur. 

And now, we are here.

I am committed to helping other people turn their ambition into reality. I am dedicated to helping side hustlers grow their business and thrive in life.

I want people to realize that they can literally achieve anything if they just put action behind it.

I started living the life that I have always wanted, and so can you.

What's next for me?

I have absolutely NO CLUE! Seriously.

Will I leave my 9-5? No idea!

Will I start another business? Who knows!

What I do know is that I am going to continuously struggle, grind, and hustle because I am so determined to achieve my goals and make them happen. 

I believe that the both of us can achieve something truly remarkable. Let's do this.


You can follow my side hustle to entrepreneur journey on social media!